So, you want to shave your pussy huh?? Well with just a few simple steps you can be pubic hair free and not get those red shaving bumps you dread so much and leave no irritation. Below are directions starting with full bush or just needing a trim. We don't recommend using a razor blade as a new blade is sharp and dangerous and a dull blade can be difficult to use also making it dangerous. Let s not take chances when you are dealing with your personal areas. We strongly recommend the Body Bare made for sensitive areas and won't leave red shaving bumps behind! The Body Bare will also shave you as close as a blade if not closer and do it without any nicks or cuts!

Starting with full bush

All of our shavers are meant to be used DRY. This means the skin and hair should be dry and free from skin oils. Use the shavers and trimmers BEFORE you shower. Skin is swollen after a shower for an hour or more. Apply baby powder to the area you wish to shave.

The Body Bare can be purchased with the Feminine hair trimmer. Both are top quality. Use the Feminine trimmer to cut the thicker hair off. Pull any loose skin tightly (especially testicles as the skin is very loose to begin with) then move the Feminine (shaped like a tooth brush) slowly over your bush at skin level holding it at a 45 degree angle. The Feminine is very safe. The "teeth" on the Feminine are very small and close together so getting nicked is extremely difficult if not impossible. The hair must be trimmed down to stubble before the Body Bare shaver can be used. Think of it this way, you can shave ZZ TOP'S beards with an electric razor, but you must trim it down to stubble first then use the electric razor. :-)

Just a trim

OK, you finished using the Feminine trimmer to get rid of your longer hair and your hair is nothing but stubble (remember, the Body Bare shaver will only cut stubble) apply a bit more baby powder to the area you are shaving. Pull the skin tight. Take the Body Bare and holding at an angle (anything but 90 degrees) begin to move it in circular motions and or against the grain of hair growth. Now I know what you are thinking, You have been told over the years to shave with the grain and not against. Well, that is not the case with the personal shaver. You need to shave against the direction of hair growth. If you don't know which way your hair is growing, then use small circular motions. You will hear the hair being removed. Continue this process until all desired hair in the pubic area is removed.

In some cases, you can "pinch" the skin causing a Camel like "hump". This will "pop" the hair away from the skin and make it easy to shave it off with no red shaving bumps or irritation. Shave the top part of the "hump" for best results.

When you are finished, you will notice not only a smooth shave but you will not have any irritation or burning sensations left behind. You will feel truly sexy, sexual and ready for love! You'll love the way you will feel, your partner will love the way you look and together intimacy can be more enjoyable. You'll be more confident at the beach and in the bedroom! No glaring red bumps! Just smooth, sexy, hair free skin!

Now, you may be asking how to clean your Body Bare personal shaver now that it has removed all your pubic hair. The personal shaver can be cleaned simply by unscrewing the shaving foil (screen). Use the cleaning brush to clean the shaver, blades and threads of the screen and unit. Screw the shaving foil back on and your ready to shave again. Every 3-5 uses, apply one drop of trimmer oil to the inside of the shaving foil and then put the foil back on the shaver. Turn the unit on so the oil will get distributed across the foil and blades evenly. This will keep your shaver working and cutting perfectly for years. There is no need to buy replacement blades since the blades sharpen themselves and are adjustable.

For more information about the Personal Shaver called the Body Bare, please click here or the picture of the shavers and trimmers below.


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