Terms and Conditions

We only have a couple of really simple rules to follow. We are hoping you will list your dating or swingers sites with us.
If your website does not fit the rules because of lack of content, let us know and we can help set you up with great material and help you make $$$. It simple and effective. Your site MUST BE IN ENGLISH.

  • Your site must be a dating, singles or swingers website. Porn sites that have one small link to a dating service will not be listed. Your site needs to fit one of the three categories listed above.
  • If your swingers content is buried in the back of your website you will not be listed. When people are coming from Partners Top 100, they expect to be sent to a dating type website and that is what we (you) are trying to deliver. Let's make it easy for them.
  • Obviously, any website containing child porn or any other illegal material will be banned and reported to the proper authorities.
  • If you have an adult picture site that contains swingers material, the URL that our top 100 list points to, needs to point to the swingers page. People shouldn't have to click through several pages to find the material on swingers or dating. After all, they are still on your page and giving you business.
  • You are allowed 1 (one) pop up console per site. This can be on entering OR leaving your site but not both.

    As of now, these are our only rules. We feel they are warranted but not limiting.

    If you agree to the above and fulfill our requirements then
    continue on to the
    registration form

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