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Don't just say it...SHOW THEM Everyone thinks that they have a good sense of humor so by saying that "I have a sense of humor" is kind of the same as the rest of the ads. Make your ad stand out. SHOW them you got a sense of humor with a funny remark. Maybe a unique salutation such as "hey there young gals and dolls thanks for stopping by". What I'm trying to say is mention something that makes you laugh, a favorite comic, movie or TV show. Let them know something about you. It is much more effective to use humor in your ad rather than just saying

Be creative.  Your personal ad can be many things.  a joke, riddle or even a limerick. Quote movies or an actress, a favorite book or just a saying. Some people can choose to use advertising slogans, placed together to form an entire ad

Tell them what YOU would want to know. What's important to you? The chances are the same things are important to others when viewing your ad. Are you a couch potato? Do you like going out with people on the town? You can pick the most important things about people you would like to know and make that part of your ad profile. i.e. Do you have kids and if so how many? Are your weekends free and are you free to travel? These are some of the more common things people ask along with our next category.

Describe yourself. Often people seem to make long lists of what they are looking for in a person. While doing this they don't mention anything about themselves. We are not saying not to inform people what you are looking for but we are saying not to forget to sell yourself. What do you like to do in your spare time? On the weekends? Don't say you are good looking. Describe what you look like this is very important. Hair color, height, eyes etc. Tell these things to people. It's what they want to know.

Details, details, details, You've heard people say "just the minor details" well with personal ads that's all we got are the details! The ad with more details will get more responses. Compare these two ads.
1. Single guy looking for female for fun days and hot nights.
2. Single Asian Male 37 years old living in Tokyo seeks Asian female between the ages of 28-49. I enjoy spending my days having great times at carnivals, art museums, and caring for my vegetable garden and going for long walks. I am a romantic who will give you many sleepless nights to remember if you get my drift *G*.

Be honest. Let's all be honest. After all it is the best policy. There is really no point in lying. An honest ad is a good one.


Remember, ads are hand screened for quality. If you follow the above tips and write a detailed ad your ad will be accepted. To sum up the above....a good rule of thumb is to


  • Describe yourself physically. Height, weight, hair color etc.
  • Explain what you like to do in your spare time
  • Tell people what type of relationship you are looking for
  • Give details
  • Make your ad unique
  • We turn down about 65% of all ads so make yours a good one :-)But this is what makes PFY a quality site. Our members rave about us.
  • Ads that say only..
    "looking for sex wild women for hot sex" or stuff like that will be denied.

Now that you have some tips on writing ads,
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